GIE+EXPO Software Spotlight

Industry members who want to stay a step ahead of their competition have discovered that GIE+EXPO is the No. 1 place to see all types of products that can help take their businesses to the next level.

The show is much more than power equipment. Exhibitors are showcasing technology, software, tools and auxiliary products – everything necessary to do business in today’s market. In fact, with 40 companies exhibiting software and computer/business technology, GIE+EXPO has the largest concentration of software companies of any industry event in the country.

HindSite Software is a returning exhibitor that is eager to hit the show floor again in October because it is such an important avenue for connecting with customers and demoing their products. They’re planning to demo their latest cloud-based platform, FieldCentral.

“We've designed FieldCentral to be easier to use, cloud-based, and, unlike other solutions on the market, tailored to each business operating unit's needs,” said HindSite’s Chad Reinholz. “An irrigation business is much different than a lawn mowing business, so we've tailored the workflows to the way those different business units operate – from the way they schedule to the way they collect data in the field to the way they bill. It's just a much better user experience.”

On the flip side, attendees appreciate the opportunities GIE+EXPO provides to explore new products and technologies that will help grow their businesses.

For Dan Koval, service manager for Aqualon, a 20-employee business offering irrigation and turf care services near Dayton, Ohio, GIE+EXPO offers a great opportunity to learn. “I enjoy getting to spend time with vendors we work with from across the country face-to-face for a few minutes – like our software vendor HindSite Software. That time allows us to communicate better with vendors than we could by phone, text or email.”

John Newlin, owner of Quality Services near Cleveland, Ohio, is an eight-year attendee who has found technologies and products at GIE+EXPO that have helped grow his 15-employee lawn health, low-voltage lighting and irrigation business. “The biggest benefit of the show is seeing new products and talking to other contractors. I get to listen to others and apply what I’ve learned to improve my business,” he said.

For those considering attending, Newlin has some simple advice: “Widen your horizons. It will make you and your business better.”

GIE+EXPO is set for October 16-18, 2019 at the Kentucky Exposition Center. For more information and online registration for the trade show and education program:  Other contact points: Facebook, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Twitter @GIE_EXPO, Instagram @GIE_EXPO and 800-558-8767/812-949-9200.