Dealer Boot Camp

Dealer Boot CampNEW!

Bob Clements and his team are back in a new boot camp format. Spend Wednesday learning profit-boosting tips so you’ll have more time to see new products when the show floor opens.

Bob Clements’ highly regarded consulting company helps dealers throughout North America. Bob is considered one of the top speakers and trainers in the country. And you can hear him free at GIE+EXPO 2017. Reservations are not required for these sessions (unless noted) but, of course, you must be registered for the tradeshow in order to attend. Be sure to arrive early to get a good seat. The sessions by Bob and his team are always packed!


Dealership Owners’ and Managers’ Sessions


9:00 - 10:00 AM
Dealing with Conflicting Personalities – Employees, Customers and more!
Have you ever thought to yourself, “Running a business would be easy if I didn’t have to deal with people?” We probably all have at one point or another. Don’t miss this session as Sara Hey explains why some people drive you crazy, what you can do about it, and strategies to deal with employees or customers who are upset.


10:00 - 11:00 AM
Processes – the Basics for Your Service and Parts Departments
Join Bob Clements as he walks through basic processes you should have in place for your service and parts departments. He will share best practices that you can implement as soon as you get back to your dealership.


11:00 - Noon
Understanding your Numbers in Service, Parts and Sales

To be an effective owner or manager, you must know the “vital signs” of your dealership or your numbers – total labor sales, service recovery rates and parts sales by individual, for example.  Whether you are looking for a refresher or a full overview, this session is for you! Bob Clements will walk you through why it’s important to know your numbers, the key numbers you need to measure to most effectively manage your parts, service and sales departments and how your reports can help you manage your dealership and improve the overall effectiveness of your business.


Noon - 1:15 PM
Dealer & UTV Retailer Box Lunch Special: Employee Compensation
$25 – Lunch provided, Registration is required.

In a dealership, how do you determine what an employee should be paid and how do you structure bonuses that encourage your employees to be more efficient? Bob Clements will share what other dealerships across the country are doing and how to implement a compensation program that motivates and rewards employees for performance.

8:00 - 9:00 AM
Power-Up Morning Session:
Coaching and Management Basics

It isn’t uncommon to promote your best technician or parts person to a management position. However, without providing proper guidance on how to effectively manage a team, this strategy of promoting from within could backfire! Join Bob Clements as he walks through the basics of how to coach your team and the management skills you and your employees will need to succeed.

8:00 - 9:00 AM
Power-Up Morning Session:
Establishing a Culture and Casting a Vision for your Dealership

“Culture” and “vision” are buzz words that we all hear about. But why are they important and will establishing a vision or culture in your dealership matter? Regardless of the size of your dealership, establishing these core components in your business is important to your future. Sara Hey will help you to understand what an effective culture and vision look like, explain how to get your team on board and show you how it will set your dealership apart from others.


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